Job Searching From A Distance: Tips To Be More Successful

If you are looking for a new job in a city far from where you live, you can meet some unique challenges. You won't have the same traction as other applicants who already live close to the job market, but you also might not want to move until you are sure you have a job lined up. However, this does not mean that you will not find success. Follow these tips to help you find jobs available in your new city, even though you live far away. 

1. Use a friend or family member to help.

If you have a friend or family member in the city where you are looking for jobs, contact them about using their address on your applications. Some businesses won't even look at applications from out of town. You can change your address with the company after you get the job. 

2. Budget for increased travel time. 

For in-person interviews, you will need to travel to be there. This might mean setting up interviews all in one week so you can travel and stay in the city while you meet with potential employers. Stay at a short-term rental or with a friend while you interview for jobs. 

3. Include a cover letter will all resume submissions.

If the two above options aren't possible, always include a cover letter with your resume explaining yourself. You can state why you hope to move to work for the company you're applying with, and you can explain why you hope to move from your current city. With more modern employers, moving for a job is normal, and they will appreciate the explanation and the chance to get to know how serious you are about the job. You can also sell your skills to be more competitive against local applicants. 

4. Make sure you can achieve required state licensing, if applicable. 

One of the reasons why you might struggle to get hired in a new state is that getting a state professional license can take time or cost extra. If you are serious about moving to that state, start to new licensing process as soon as possible, so that employers can see you are ready and able to work upon hire. Contact the state agency so you can know if you need to take extra classes, pay fees, or wait for clearance.

5. Set a concrete moving date to help employers feel confident in hiring you.

Finally, even if you don't have a job yet, set a concrete date. This way, during an interview, you can say, "I'll be in the city permanently by the end of the month," or something else specific, that helps the employer know you're relocating for the job. Moving without a job can be daunting but you will have more success with job searching when you move to your new city.  

When you are looking for jobs available in your area, contact a local employment agency for help.

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