What Will A Career Coach Help You Learn?

Many of the skills necessary to succeed in the field of business aren't things you can learn in school. The importance of networking, establishing yourself in the industry, and making a public name for yourself can't be understated. If you'd like to learn these things so you can advance in your career, getting professional help is a wise investment. Hiring a career coach can help you differentiate yourself from your colleagues. Here are four things a career coach can help you learn:

1. Networking

No matter what industry you work in, networking will help you get further. Networking is the art of getting to know people and allowing them to get to know you in a professional capacity. When people know and trust you, they'll be more likely to recommend you for promotions and other great opportunities. Some people feel that networking is cheating and that their skills should stand alone. In reality, networking is just a form of advertising your skills so you can be positioned to demonstrate them when the time arises.

2. Negotiating

Negotiating is a key skill that will help you get the compensation you deserve. Employers may care about their employees, but primarily, they're looking out for their bottom line. If they can get away with paying workers a lower wage, they will. It's your job to negotiate your salary to a level that is acceptable to you. Your career coach can teach you negotiating techniques that will help you make your case without coming across as aggressive, entitled, or overbearing.

3. Decisiveness

Your career is your responsibility. No one can direct its course but you. In order to make choices that lead to the jobs you want, you'll need to develop decisiveness. Making the correct decisions with confidence is a skill that comes with time and practice. Your career coach will help you identify insecurities that make you question your problem-solving skills. When you're decisive, you project an air of competence that others will respond to.

4. Assertiveness

In the business world, assertiveness is an asset. Assertive people are able to confidently state their opinion, lead teams, and reprimand subordinates when necessary. Some people are hesitant to assert themselves in the workplace because they fear being seen as domineering. This tends to be especially true for women, who may have been socialized to be people-pleasers. A career coach can help you examine the emotional blocks that keep you from asserting yourself. They can help you practice reacting confidently to others so you can be more successful at work. 

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